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I'm Staw-Hat Luffy, so people call me Staw. I like editing many wikis and if I don't have many edits here, chances are that I only joined in order to fix up something or revert spam. Please don't hesitate to message me for anything, I'll make sure to reply as soon as possible.
My Contributions To Wikia

I have been a member on wikia since 2012 and I mostly edit wikis about manga/anime series. I have admin rights on quite too many wikis, over 40 last time I counted and my global edits exceed 55.0000. I also like editing Greek Wikis, since that's my nationality and wish to make the not-so-big Greek wikia community more developped. On my wikis, I like to edit templates, MediaWiki pages and design. I am totally not the guy that can write walls of text for articles so I usually get other wiki friends of mine to do that :P I can also run and AWB but I can't do complicated stuff with it, just replacements really. I like being creative at messing with Javascripts but they don't always work, I still need to learn a lot.


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