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Smiling Emoticon
Blue smiley face.png
Other names: Happy
Common text format symbols: :), :-), ^-^ ii
Emotion(s): Enjoyment, happiness and ammusement.nor bad
Special theme: the smiley
Related emoticons: Sad, Angry

Smiling is an expression of happiness, enjoyment or amusement without Bad.

Vertical forming[]

The symbols : and ) often make up the basic emoticon symbol for laughing, :)

Example: That was a very fun time. :)


It is common for a - to be added between the symbols creating :-).

Another way, usually used in humor, is to write type it to make is seem to have a chin, it used made like normal but by adding ~ at the end.

Example: :)~, or :-)~

Horizontal Forming[]

This emoticon can also be varied within two ^ symbols to make ^^, with either a - or _ placed between the carets to form a mouth. Using a U with an umlaut can also be used.

^ ^ ^_^ ^-^ ㆆᴗㆆ ^ ᴗ ^
^.^ ◕‿◕ (^▼^) Ü ü


A face with two eyes and a mouth surrounded by a circle

The single unicode character (U+263A; ☺) represents a smiling smiley with one character.

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