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Elvis Presley Emoticon
Elvis Presley.GIF
Common text format symbols: There are many different ones. Most common: ?:j
Emotion(s): Large amounts of Cool
Special theme: Cool
Related emoticons: Glasses for the instance of sunglasses

Elvis Presly is known to all, need I describe him? Whether infamous or famous is how you calibrate him, this critically acclaimed star appears in many many pools of media among modern day America. He has become a part of civilization and made his musical mark on this world before leaving in the spaceship which abducted him, and now he has journeyed into the hearts of texting and chat. A simple turn of the head can digitally ressurect the memories of this rockstar. '?:j' Why is Elvis smirking? Have you ever seen elvis not smirk?

Usage: To indicate massive amounts of cool-arity or chill-ness.

Example: Dude, I totally had fun at the bar last night, picking up chicks is what I live for. ?:j

(Keep in mind that this is a totally dousch thing to say and any use of the Elvis emoticon in a statement like this decreases your cool-arity)


Regular Sunglasses Winking Tear Nerd
Smirk ?:j ?Bj ?;j ?:' j ?8j
Sad ?:( ?B( ?;( ?:'( ?8(
Smile ?:) ?B) ?;) ?:') ?8)
Srsly ?:l ?Bl ?;l ?:'l ?8l
Laughing ?:D ?BD ?;D ?:'D ?8D